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Your final paper is to be based on your own understanding of the world and how social, economic and political issues integrate. Specifically, how you see the concepts covered in the text and the readings applying themselves to your work experiences. Since the goal of the OM program is to have every class have relevance to your work life, this paper is an opportunity for you to make that connection.

Some ideas for you to ponder in your paper might include:

  1. Consider an organization with which you are familiar. How do the unconscious expectations of the organization play into the creation of the current work environment?
  2. How would an M3 perspective change the world in which you work?
  3. Consider the relationship between the mind and the body. How do you see that relationship playing out in your work environment?
  4. How would your world change if you turned over various work or personal problems to your creative/intuitive mind?
  5. One of the issues in the book is "redefining" work (Chapter 7, P. 161). In your current work situation, how do you see this issue articulated if at all. If it is not being addressed, how would things change if it were?
  6. Consider Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs. Discuss some ways in which you can see a path to your self-actualization and some obstacles that might impede your progress.
  7. Take one of the readings and apply the themes therein to your life and work.


The paper will be 5-7 pages in length, double spaced. It should be written using APA style with the following components:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Topic sub-headings
  • Reference page (minimum of 3)
  • APA citations (minimum of 3)
  • Check the "Writing Standards" handout for more guidelines.

The paper is worth 70 points:

18 Introduction & statement of the problem to be discussed
24 Supporting arguments
18 Conclusion
10 Style & grammar

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